I don't know about you, but Mondays are the hardest day to start cooking for me! The weekend is over, usually we have eaten out a couple of times and the kids want to continue that trend into the week. Further, Mondays are when life gets rolling for the week and the busy-ness of the week kicks in.......thus the reason for this blog and it's name. This blog will focus on making Monday mealtime for your family easier.

If you are one of those people who has the ability to do month-long menu planning and get everything in your freezer, good for you! If you are super organized, I think you will find recipes to add in to your repertoire of favorites. Or even meals you can prepare on shopping day. I truly admire those who prepare far in advance, I however, tend to put a lot off to the last minute, especially at the beginning of the week. If you are a kindred spirit, hopefully you will find some inspiration in the pages of this blog.

From my Southern Kitchen to yours,
Michele Hester

Thank for visiting today, I hope that you and your family have the opportunity to enjoy a family meal together tonight. You can e-mail, call or visit my website at MondayGourmet.com to purchase the products. To quickly find a product mentioned in my blog, click shopping on the left side of the page and then type the product name or number in the search box located at the top right corner of the new page.

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enjoy a meal with your family!
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